Aromas Hair Root Treatment, Advanced Molecular Hair Root Treatment, Hair Mask Treatment for Damaged Hair (60ml)

Tired of trying so many products to treat damaged hair? Looking for a solution that can quickly restore your hair to a beautiful, smooth, and soft look?


That’s why we created Aroamas Hair Root Treatment.


With this special hair mask for damaged hair, natural ingredients work powerfully to get you the hair you’ve been wanting.


We even offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – so there’s really nothing to lose!


Why You Need This

Just as you need to treat your skin with cleansers and lotions that fit your needs, you also need to treat your hair. It gets damaged and affected naturally through seasonal changes, air pollution, diet, dying, perming, and more.


Our Hair Root Treatment was created with the purpose in mind that your hair needs a little TLC just as your skin.


Natural Ingredients

Often shampoos and other hair care products contain chemicals that can cause damage to your hair. Aroamas Hair Root Treatment uses botanical ingredients together with advanced molecular technology to heal and restore your hair in a more natural way.


It replenishes the nutrients it lost through the daily washing in less than even 5 minutes of treatment that other products cannot give.



– Effective for soft, smooth hair

– Advanced Molecular

– For Damaged Hair

– Fast Results

– Natural Ingredients

– Restores Hair

– Fast Treatment

– Simple-to-Use


Get Soft, Silky Hair Fast

With our 5 minute treatment, get beautiful hair


Natural Ingredients

Our formula based on botanicals deeply penetrate within your hair


Reaches Deep

Aroamas nourishes your hair from within each hair strand



  1. Wash hair with shampoo.
  2. Towel dry hair (no need to dry with a hairdryer).
  3. Apply the hair mask on hair. Don’t touch the scalp. Massage hair thoroughly for 2-5 minutes.
  4. Finally, rinse hair completely

Effective Hair Mask- Our Hair Root Treatment advanced formula uses natural, powerful ingredients to restore your hair with a smooth, soft, natural look.


Advanced Molecular Formula – Aroamas created this hair root treatment to deeply penetrate each hair strand to effectively treat your hair from the inside out.


For Damaged Hair – Hair is easily damaged from the years of all kinds of chemicals, making it dry and brittle. Aromas Hair Root Treatment works to reverse the damage and give you the hair you’ve been wanting.


Fast Treatment & Results – In less than 5 minutes, you’ll get the results of smooth, beautiful hair. Simply shampoo, towel dry, apply, and rinse. Done!


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – We love our product and believe it’ll work for you, but we know it may not be for everyone so contact us if anything and we’ll be sure to make it a 5-star experience!


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