Aroamas TEETH WHITENING KIT, With Led Light, for Sensitive Teeth, Carbamide Peroxide, Comfortable Fit, Brighter Smile in 7 Days


[PROFESSIONAL WHITENING RESULTS] – With our special LED light and premium formula, in as little as 7 days with just 30 minutes of treatment each day, you can experience a professional brighter and whiter smile that you’ve been looking for, clearing up stains from coffee, tea, smoking cigarettes, aging, wine, and more.

[FAST & EFFECTIVE] – Brighten your teeth in just 7-10 days. The LED light, that comes with this kit, boosts the power of the carbamide peroxide gel included so you can get a perfect smile even more quickly.

[FOR SENSITIVE TEETH] – Our formula is made keeping in mind those with sensitive teeth. The whitening gel is gentle enough for gums and enamel, but still strong to get rid of dark stains. If you have sensitive teeth, don’t let that stop you from whitening your teeth.

[COMFORTABLE FIT] – The mouth tray is universal fit. You even have the option to use this kit without the tray. Just simply apply the gel directly to your teeth with a cotton swab. Then insert the light in your mouth. So you can be sure to have a comfortable whitening experience.

[EASY-TO-USE] – In just 3 easy steps you can get a brighter smile. Add whitening gel to the mouth tray. Insert the tray into your mouth for about 30 minutes. Feel free to watch your favorite show or read a book during this time. Repeat for 7-10 days. That’s it!

Have you made the decision to whiten your teeth? You’re unhappy to see your smile every time you look in the mirror. You are determined to find a way to whiten your teeth.


It’s very important to find a teeth whitening kit that is effective, fast, and gentle so you can finally see your teeth stains replaced with a bright, white smile.


Here at Aroamas, we understand that and that’s why we created Aroamas Teeth Whitening Kit. We have a kit that is gentle, yet strong and fast in giving you professional results as you whiten your teeth.


Say goodbye to yellow teeth stains and say hello to a white smile you’ve never seen before.


Click “Add to Cart” now to come closer to seeing your smile transformed!



Professional Whitening Results

Speedy and Effective to Use

Premium Version

3 Easy Steps!

Made for Sensitive Teeth



  1. Add whitening gel to mouth tray using gel syringe.
  2. Insert the tray into your mouth, turn on whitening light and wear for 30 minutes
  3. Reveal your brighter smile and repeat for 7-10 days



3x 5 mL Whitening Gen Syringes

1x 5 mL Remineralization Gel

1x Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light

Mouth Tray

Retainer Case for easy Storage

Teeth Shade Guide

User Manual



Glycerin, Urea Peroxide, Propylene Glycol, Xylitol, Carbomer, Mentha Piperita Oil, Triethanolamine, Aqua



Do not swallow the whitening gel. If the product comes in contact with your eyes, since immediately.

Not recommended for use by children under the age of 12 without the approval of their dentists

Do not use while sleeping.

Do not use if you have gum disease, wear braces, have receiving gums or sore gums, have cavities or if allergic to any of the ingredients. If in doubt check with your dentist.

Stop use and consult your dentist if you experience any serious burning sensations and sensitivity lasting more than 48 hours.

Do not use if pregnant or lactating.



  • Store this product in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  • Do not freeze or microwave this product.


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